Working to support and develop the arts in Canterbury

Arts and culture provide an opportunity to provoke consideration of important intangibles that have a major impact on individuals and society.

HICO are working to support and develop the arts for the benefit of the wider community.

“…the enlightenment and entertainment arts and culture bring us; the enriching of our lives and the inspiring of our education; the vital contribution to our health and well-being and the powering of regional regeneration, tourism and our standing abroad.”

Sir Peter Bazelgette, Arts Council for England, Great Art and Culture for Everyone, 2013

Latest News

the oak and rope company

The Oak and Rope Company arrive at Highland Court Farm

June 16, 2015

HICO are delighted to see the arrival of a new member of the creative community developing at Highland Court Farm. Oak and Rope are a company that celebrates the heritage of British craftsmanship by making bespoke objects from oak (and of course rope).  www.theoakandropecompany.co.uk Oak and Rope’s clear commitment to high quality and use of ...


Dog Grooming in Canterbury

December 3, 2014

HICO are very pleased to welcome Barking Beauties dog and cat grooming services to the farm. Deborah who has been working with cats and dogs for the past 10 years has taken residency in the Old Stables here at Highland Court Farm  in Bridge which is close to the city of Canterbury . The advanced city and guilds ...


Preserve Production at Highland Court Farm Kent

October 2, 2014

HICO are very pleased to welcome Farmhouse Kitchen to Highland Court Farm. Farmhouse Kitchen, www.farmhousekitchen.net ,  have been producing jams and marmalades in Kent for over ten years and their move to Highland Court Farm will re-establish the heritage of making preserves from the fruit grown on the farm. The bonus for Farmhouse Kitchen is ...

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